Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Proposed by Ivy League Scientists to Affect Like Ice Age Blockage of Sun’s Rays


By injecting aerosol into the stratosphere (about 12 miles up), some Yale and Harvard scientists are proposing to lessen the intensity of the sun’s rays striking the earth, to assuage assumed manmade global warming, which could work, but it’s unnecessary, because by any temporary increase of solar intensity causes more evaporation off the oceans for more clouds, proven by the fact that sea level hasn’t risen for 3,400 years (the Ice Age ended during a century’s time circa 1500 b. c.). The greatly denser cloud-cover for the Ice Age because the ocean was warmer in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, enhanced by greater volcanism during that time, have caused carbon 14 dates from circa 2350 b. c. to circa 1400 b. c. to be greatly exaggerated, the “paleolithic” in the biblical post-Flood timeframe.