Anciently Indo European Words Made It to America Named for Canaanite Amuraca the Amorites But Teepees & Oikos


What are the odds, without ancient transoceanic navigation, that the Turkic word for mound would be tepe, which is the word for mountain in Nahuatl, and the same root as the Sioux word teepee? Such as the Amorites (progeny of Ham’s son Canaan) sailed to the Americas, perhaps even during the Ice Age (which followed Noah’s Flood), their name memorialized in Colombia as Amuraca, the aca in Amuraca from the Ionian word oikos, for household, so with some other Indo European words (such as tepe and Potomoi for Potomac) in the languages of the ancients in the Americas, the adventurers had borrowed words from others, Japhethites who joined the Canaanites in voyaging across the Atlantic.