Parian Marble Athenian Chronology Back to Cecrops Whom Plato Wrote Lived in Timeframe of Atlantis’ Demise


Cecrops is the first king listed on the Parian Chronicle, a big panel of marble with the names of kings and events up to 264 b. c., beginning at 1581 b. c. with Cecrops, who lived in the timeframe that Atlantis (and much of Greece) was consumed by the sea according to Plato in his rendering of the Atlantis story. King Cecrops actually lived circa 1400 b. c., but close enough, because the Parian Marble establishes that Cecrops along with Erechtheus, Theseus, and Erysichthon lived only about three hundred years before the Trojan War, the Ice Age having ended during about a century’s time beginning circa 1500 b. c.