Christopher Harris of Unhyphenated America Says E Pluribus Unum Means What It Says Like Brett Kavanaugh


The motto of the United States “e pluribus unum” which means “out of many, one,” is the antithesis of the leftists’ mantra “diversity is our strength,” because diversity speaks of the “out of many” portion of the motto, but the strength thereby not in differences rather in unity, of common general purpose as patriots of the United States defending her by upholding constitutional nationalism, that which reflects the words in the U. S. Constitution. Interestingly, Brett Kavanaugh in his Senate hearings noted that under U. S. law there is one race, the human race, which comports with the Constitution (after slavery was outlawed over one-hundred fifty years ago) and to the biblical fact that all the “races” are progeny of the eight humans who survived Noah’s Flood on the Ark, of the human syngameon.