You Couldn’t Make Up a More Logical Rendering of Ancient History Than Table of Nations’ Dispersion After Babel


Manetho the Egyptian historian circa 300 b. c. compiled a list of ancient pharaohs going back to circa 3100 b. c., but some of those pharaohs were regional viceroys who ruled contemporaneous to others on the list, hence the biblical timeline matches the origin of Egypt, Ai-Gebtos of Geb/Khem/Ham, whose progeny spoke the branch of languages called Hamitic, while Indo European of his brother Japheth, and Semitic by their brother Shem’s progeny. The submerged ruins in many parts of the world confound the uniformitarians, but when you realize the Ice Age ended after nine hundred years of post Flood building (during the Ice Age), ended at the time of the “bronze age collapse” of catastrophic climate change, it all makes perfect sense within the biblical chronology.