Joppa Tell Yaffa Canaanite Fortress Overlooking Med Soon Taken by Egyptians Then Philistines Finally Israelites


Jaffa or Joppa (thirty miles west of Jerusalem on the Mediterranean) wasn’t noted in ancient writings until circa 1350 b. c. in the Amarna Letters of Egypt because “Yapu” had been built only shortly before then by the Canaanites (when the sea level had stopped rising by the ending of the Ice Age). Egyptians began adventurism into coastal Canaan when the Ice Age was ending, in the timeframe of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt to later enter Canaan from the east, and the Egyptians contested then controlled Jaffa, until the Philistines from the Adriatic took-over followed by the Israelites circa 1000 b. c.