Sessions is Not Ignorant of ObamaGate so If He Won’t Investigate It Now He Should Resign with Just Egg on His Face


Attorney general Jeff Sessions may be under orders to not resign, orders from someone who is blackmailing him or is telling him that he’s on the right side of history regarding the ObamaGate scandal, which in either case makes Sessions complicit in the attempted coverup of the scandal, so president Trump who theoretically doesn’t know which of the two is causing Sessions’ inattention to ObamaGate knows that either way Sessions is complicit in the coverup, a fact that could cause Sessions to resign to minimize the further damaging of his reputation (and reduce the likelihood of his being investigated) as the public more-and-more is seeing his complicity. However Sessions will behave won’t change the fact that the public will not rest until justice is pursued in the ObamaGate case, even a big campaign issue in 2024 if not much progress will have been made by then.