Atlit Yam Not a Hebrew Word It’s Canaanite Atl of Atlas Atlantis Atlantic Yam Sea God Not Same as Sidon’s Son


Submerged off Atlit, Israel (ten miles south of Haifa), are the ruins of Atlit Yam, a half mile from shore and forty feet down, it covers about ten acres where are foundations of rectangular buildings and a ceremonial stone circle on a freshwater spring, during the Ice Age when that now-submerged land above the mouth of the ice age Oren river was marshy, much fruit and grain, with gazelles and other wild game abounding. Atlas apparently of Atlit Yam was a son of Posidon, that’s Sidon, a son of Canaan in Genesis 10, Atlit thereby of fully Canaanite origin, while Yam was the Canaanites’ sea god, meaning sea in Hebrew, though left off for the name of the town Atlit, ten miles south of Haifa.