Abraham Knew That Elohim Could Resurrect Isaac If Sacrificed so His Obedience Caused Substitute to Appear


Of course Elohim knew that Abraham would be obedient to offer his promised son Isaac as a sacrifice, yet Abraham’s obedience in a sense brought forth the ram to be sacrificed in lieu of Isaac, his obedience out of the knowledge that the Creator of all things and promiser of the Messiah to come (whose heel would be bruised but would still crush the head of the serpent) for an eternal kingdom, the giver of life, could easily have resurrected his son Isaac after being sacrificed, just as Jesus the Messiah later would be resurrected from the dead. Abraham also knew, according to the Word, that Enoch had been taken from physical life immediately to eternal life without having to die, which is why Enoch along with Elijah will probably be the two witnesses in Jerusalem during the Tribulation.