Cadiz Spain was Territory of Gades Upstream from Atlas Become Known as Agadir or Gadir Meaning Walled City


When the Ice Age ended, what had been a long inland ridge became the long peninsula where Cadiz was begun built, named for the original owner of the area, Gades, a brother of Atlas whose territory was downstream from Gades on the river now called the Guadalquivir during the Ice Age, when sea level was a few hundred feet lower. That city in the ancient territory of Gades begun built circa 1100 b. c. was also known Gadir or Agadir, the Berber word for walled city, Berber of the Canaanites the same as Atlas, grandson of Canaan come west with his father Sidon (Posidon) to found Atlantis circa 2200 b. c.