Orkney Islands Off Scotland Supposedly Covered During Ice Age Yet Sea Level Rose Flooded Bronze Age Henges


Caroline Wickham-Jones of Scotland has done much archaeological work on the trench & stone henges of the Orkneys (pig islands), which look like the other bronze age henges of Britain, and one huge one was discovered submerged off the Orkney’s, prompting such as Wickham-Jones to say the sea level rose to submerge those circa 2000 b. c., in reality circa 1500 b. c. when the Ice Age actually ended. During the Ice Age, when the sea level was a few hundred feet lower, the ocean was warmer (in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood), so perhaps the highest portions of the Orkney’s were covered in snow year ’round, the lower land rainy, warmer winters and cooler summers by all the cloud-cover.