ObamaGate Players Hid Their Plot During 2016 Presidential Campaign to Frame Trump with Russia Conspiracy


President Obama in 2016 was saying that there was no danger of significant Russian meddling in the ongoing presidential campaign, and he did not apprise Team Trump of what was accused in the Golden Shower Dossier, indicating that Obama was working the ObamaGate conspiracy, otherwise, he would have told Team Trump about what supposedly was suspected, and maybe too have told the nation about what was happening. James Comey exposed Hillary’s malfeasances knowing that news would come out eventually so he would’ve been blamed for her unrighteous victory had that eventuated, figuring the whole time that the Golden Shower Dossier angle and the actually baseless FISA warrants therefrom would ruin Trump’s candidacy or the unthinkable (to Comey) his presidency.