Greek Historian Dionysius Said Lycaon Son of Pelasgus or Peleg Lived 18 Generations Before the Trojan War


Progenitor of the Pelasgians, the seafaring king Pelasgus, lived 19 generations before the Trojan War according to the ancient historian Dionysius of the Areopagus of Athens (1st century a. d.), which puts Pelasgus, Heber’s son Peleg in Genesis 10, correct chronologically, Peleg born circa 2100 b. c. and dead 239 years later. Dionysius was from Corinth, an ancient Pelasgian city indicated by the nth letter series in Corinth, yet as a Christian, it’s odd that he did not equate Pelasgus with the Bible’s Peleg, rendering his chronology for Pelasgus more credible actually, not tailored to the Bible.