Aegean Origin of Philistines from Crete or Kaptor for Misraim’s Progeny Caphtorim Acquired Mycenaean Language


In Genesis 10, the Word says Ham’s son Misraim, or Misr (a name for Egypt), was the progenitor of the Casluhim from whom descended the Philistim, who sailed to Crete with the Capthorim (also progeny of Misr) when that island became known as Kaptor (before it became known as Crete). There the Philistim eventually were absorbed into the powerful Mycenaean culture with its Greek language,  which is why the Philistines (Palestinians) who sailed to the Gaza Strip area of the Levant and built Pelusium on the coast of northeastern Egypt when the Ice Age had ended are categorized Indo European (of Noah’s son Japheth) not Hamitic of Ham or Geb or Khem or Copt.