Progeny of Tiras Controlled Northern End of Aegean During Ice Age Proven Thasos Island Submerged Ruins Off Abdera


Thasos island of the extreme northern Aegean, rich in gold and marble anciently, was first settled by Thracians (progeny of Noah’s grandson Tiras), later named Thasos when it became an island (no longer a coastal mountain) when the Ice Age had ended (the sea level rose a few hundred feet), named for the phoenician Cilix’s nephew Thasos who claimed the area from the apparently retreated Thracians (back to the mainland homeland). The archaeology of the Thracian occupation matches that of the Drama valley of the nearby Nestor river flowing down from the Rita mountain in Bulgaria through northeastern Greece into the Aegean, so the submerged ruins reported off Abdera no doubt of the Thracians who had lived there for about seven hundred years.