Eusebius’ Linkage of Ogygian Flood to Timeframe of Exodus & Ipuwer Papyrus Confirms Plato’s 9,000 Lunar Months


The early christian bishop Eusebius in Caesarea, Israel, wrote that the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt occurred in the timeframe of the greek Flood of Ogyges (the end of the Ice Age), which comports with the 9,000 lunar months (not years) before Solon’s time reported by Plato that Atlantis (and much of Greece) was consumed by the sea risen, circa 1500 b. c., then after some of the remaining territory of Atlantis became known as Tartessos, an archaeological remnant of that iron age civilization at Tharsis (Tarshish where Solomon traded), near Huelva on the southwestern coast of Spain.