Gigantopithecus of East Asia Same as Giant of Castelau & Bones Near Oren Dolmens Those Canaanites Big Fellas


When Joshua and Caleb sent by Moses spied-out the Promised Land where the Canaanites dominated, they reported the giant size of their adversaries, which is born out by the descriptions of the Canaanite king Og and the Philistine giant Goliath, and huge people lived to the west where was Atlantis, evidence for instance the Giants of Castelau and Montpellier of southern France, and in the cave Cueva D’anes of Catalonia, skeletons of nine giants discovered not far from the Dolmens of Oren built circa 2000 b. c. Do checkout the photo of the amazing giant skull from Prullans, Catalonia, photographed in the Barcelona Archaeological Museum by Josep Guijarro in 2013, hard evidence to dispute.