Ask Your Pastors Ostensibly Believing Genesis Clearly Written Why They Don’t Trace Ancient History Back to Flood?


When your pastor is talking about Israel’s ancient nemesis the Assyrians, does he/she ever mention that they were named for Ashur who was a son of Shem and grandson of Noah? Or when talking about the Hebrews, named for Heber, that he was a great great grandson of Shem not through Ashur but through Shem’s first born Arphaxad? Ancient Arpachiya in Mesopotamia was named for Arpaxad, and Assyria for Ashur, overlapping territories of Semites during the Ice Age when those men lived. So why don’t pastors discuss such ancient history? It’s because they aren’t yet equipped or are not willing to verse themselves in the reasons to believe all of Genesis, so please refer them to The Right Sway.