Sufax a Son of Hercules by Antaeus’s Wife Tingis Founded City Tangiers Capital of Mauritania Land of Ice Age Fomori


When the sea level had recently finished rising because of the end of the Ice Age, Hercules who had departed from the Argonauts came to the Atlas region where he encountered Antaeus, a king of some of the Atlantioi who remained in the region, where Hercules killed the king then sired a son Sufax by Antaeus’s widow Tingis, the son who founded Tangiers, named for his mother, and from that name perhaps the Golden Apples of Hercules, the tangerine. Tangiers became the capital of the kingdom of what the Romans called Mauri, bringing to mind that Cham (Ham) was a Formori first to sail to ice age Ireland as noted in the Annuls of Clonmacnoise.