Mountain of Babel Birs Nimrud of Nimrod the Tongue Tower Borsippa to Assyrians Who Adopted Japhetic Berg Name


Berg or brig is indo eurpoean (japhetic) for high place, so it seems that the Babylonians’ Birs Nimrud where are the ruins of the ancient “tower tongue” Borsippa was given that name by the Indo Europeans (Japhethites) there when the tower was built then laid waste. About sixteen hundred years later, the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar refurbished the site of the Tower of Babel, having placed a plaque discovered in the rubble by Henry Rawlinson and translated by Andrew Oppert which says it was the first great building of Babylon, built forty-two generations before Nebuchadnezzar’s time. If Birs Nimrud was not named for the Nimrod (a son of Kush) described in the Holy Bible, then how did the Hebrews convince the Babylonians to agree with the history in their book?