Vai Script Latter Day Version of Mande Syllabary Like Olmec Signs of Central America by Blacks’ Ancient Navigation


The Vai script of the western Sahara is said to have been developed in the 1800’s, but it shows great affinity to the ancient Mande syllabary script of the region, and those signs are like the writing found on various statues and other relics in Central America of the Olmecs whose huge statues certainly portray Africans. The “Olmecs” began their civilization in Central America circa 1200 b. c., when the Ice Age had recently ended, come from ancient “aqualithic” civilizations such as where today are the extensive ruins of Dhar Tichitt in south central Mauretania, the ice age “Roundheads” who hunted a variety of game and fished, where today is the Sahara, descendants of Ham’s son Kush.