Alabama U. S. Senate Race Result Proves Pro Trump Sentiment Growing Stronger Impossible Hurdles for Roy Moore


Candidate Roy Moore was already well known as a Bible thumper which runs against the grain of many Republicans, not to mention against the grain of all Democrats, so when the Republican party showed no support for him, and then forty year old supposed sexual misdeeds were brought to light just weeks before the election, with Alabama Republican senator Richard Shelby saying he’d vote other just days before the election, it was a miracle that Roy Moore got 48% of the vote. Factor into all this the fact that the State of Alabama destroyed all photographic records of the completed ballots about a week after the election, when Roy Moore was contesting the vote results because of alleged bussed in from out of state voters and other shenanigans, one could deduce that there was much voter fraud, otherwise why would the State of Alabama have destroyed the photographic records?