Average Elevation of Earth’s Landmass is Five Percent the Average Depth of Ocean By Plate Tectonics Noah’s Flood


Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the average elevation of the land of the earth is about two thousand feet above sea level, but that’s only 1/20th of the average depth of the ocean, so imagine that the ocean-floor on average were several thousand feet shallower, the ocean would cover all except the mountains. When the pre-flood supercontinent Pangea broke apart during Noah’s Flood, new ocean basins formed between the separating continents, the new ocean floors of hot lava which had extruded through the fountains of the deep, today where are the oceanic rift zones, then as the hot lava cooled to rock, it gained density to sink down on the plastic-flow mantle below, at the close of Noah’s Flood, the ocean basins deepened to receive the water off mountains emergent (because of tectonic plates colliding).