Ethiopians of Ityopis a Son of Kush But Kam Ham in Legend People Group Stretched from Indian Ocean to Atlantic


Herodotus wrote that Ethiopia stretched from where the sun rises to where it sets, from the vantage of Sais on the coast of Egypt, from the Indian ocean to the Atlantic, centered probably at Aksum where an ancient legend says that Ityopis was a son of Kam (Ham), while in reality Kush was the father of Ityopis and Kush a son of Ham. The Tomb of Ityopis, an obelisk, is said to have stood on the left bank of the Mai Lahlaha river in Ethiopia, and black Africans (Kushites) having been the “Roundheads” (like Nigerians) of the Maghreb not far from the Atlantic, during the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood.