Plato Conflated Primordial Mound of Atlantis with Biblical Garden of Eden & No Parentage of Posidon for Canaan’s Sidon


Noah’s Flood obliterated where was the Garden of Eden and the rest of the world (see Page at right Natural Selection by Noah’s Flood), the Garden of Eden which the greek Plato memorialized as the Primordial Mound in his rendition about Atlantis where the first humans supposedly grew from the earth (chthonic), Evenor and Leucippe, their daughter Cleito who married the god Posidon, in reality the biblical Sidon, a son of Canaan, after Noah’s Flood, during the Ice Age. The legend from the Phoenicians (for Phoenix a son of Cadmus at the end of the Ice Age) has it that Kronos and Rhea were the parents of Posidon, the god Kronos who was the biblical Ham, and his actual son Canaan whose son was Sidon.