Plato Changed the Genders of Bible’s Adam & Eve to Leucippe & Evenor Wife & Husband Eve as Lucifer Adam as Eve


In addition to using the Garden of Eden as the Primordial Mound in Plato’s Atlantis, he also changed Adam to Evenor and Eve to Leucippe (meaning light bearer or horse), the first humans, interestingly Leucippe meaning light bearer the same as Lucifer, so Plato made Eve to be Satan (Lucifer) and the man Adam to be Evenor or Eve. A brother of Atlas (a grandson of Canaan) was Elasippos, during the Ice Age in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, Sidon’s son Elasippos whose kingdom was in the region of Lisbon, The greek word for horse hippos in both Leucippe and Elasippos proves that the story came after the Tower of Babel when the language of Javan (Ionians) spread to Greece.