The U. S. Constitution Says Only by Impeachment Can President Be Removed so 2018 Midterms Will Be Litmus Test


A president of the United States while in office cannot be indicted, but he/she can be impeached, now nowhere near that point with just a few Democrats in Congress rabble-rousing for it, so if the American people by-and-large will be thinking, when the 2018 midterm elections are upon us, that president Trump has done some impeachable offense, the Congress will be dominated by Democrats after the elections, in order that the impeachment proceedings might begin. But president Trump is dominating the media, winning that war, while the populace enjoys a burgeoning economy, so it’s very doubtful that the Democrats will gain any ground, and will probably lose some-more, because the people of the U. S., more-and-more, are growing to love what president Trump is doing and plans to do.