Egyptians Know That the Ipuwer Papyrus & Book of the Exodus Detail Time of the Reduction of Nile Kingdom’s Grandeur


When the Sphinx was built circa 2100 b. c., the Nile river flowed nearly to its feline stone paws, when obviously there was much more rainfall (during the Ice Age), and about six hundred years later when the rainfall had greatly decreased, famine and anarchy struck the land, when slaves became masters, memorialized in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus and in the Book of the Exodus in the Bible. Six hundred thousand men (not including the number of women and children) were in the throng of Israel which departed Egypt, so obviously the army of the pharaoh sent-out to stop the Israelites must have been gigantic such that its destruction and the Exodus were anciently (since circa 1400 b. c.) celebrated by the Berbers of western North Africa, the Achoura festival, the Berbers progeny of Canaan.