Everett Piper the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Says Campuses Serve as Leftist Indoctrination Camps


About 70% of students who go-off-to-college as Bible-believing nationalists have changed their beliefs by their junior year to become agnostic globalists, so parents (and students) need to realize that kids just 18 years old are very susceptible to conforming to their collegiate environment of pop culture peer pressure and uber-leftist instruction, which is why it’s very important for kids who do go off to leftist campuses be grounded first in the book of Genesis as it reads, not as the university professors wish that it would. When will colleges and universities teach both models of ancient history for students to decide for themselves? It will be when enough students and parents aggressively promote the biblical reading of history using information such as at the Genesis Veracity Foundation and here at The Right Sway (see Pages and Categories at right).