Plurality of Elohim Represented in Ancient Korean Theology Heaven’s Spirit to Earth the Trinity Similar to Christian Doctrine


Whom Adam and Eve heard walking in the Garden of Eden when they had fallen into sin, who then judged them, was Jesus of Elohim because the Word (Jesus who was slain before the foundation of the world) says that no man or woman has seen the Father. The ancient Koreans had a theology which apparently sprung (but in a distorted way) from the truth of Genesis, with Haneullim (Hananim) the father of Hwanung the god of space between Hananim in heaven and Dangun on earth, the shaman, the king, whom Kim Jong Un probably considers himself whereas in reality Jesus is “the shaman” and Lamb Slain before the foundation of the world, Elohim become flesh to die for our sins then resurrect.