Gene Simmons is Freaking-Out Over Sexual Exploitation Exposure Invades Fox News Staff Meeting Gets Permabanned


Maria Bartiromo during a taping of her business show on Fox asked interviewee Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz) of Kiss what he thinks about the Harvey Weinstein story, to which Mr. Witz ranted that men since they were boys do that kind of stuff, it’s just the way it is. Then he went upstairs for an interview with the Fox News entertainment division, but instead barged into a staff meeting, pulled his shirt open and dared the women in the meeting to sue him and bopped some men on the head with his new book estimating the amount of emptiness in there by the sound produced, not a good day for Gene, quite shook-up over the licentiousness being exposed in Los Angeles, and D. C., and New York City.