Hannity Interviewed Roy Moore on Radio Today Didn’t Sound Totally Convincing Older Girls Probably Young One Iffy


On his radio show today, Sean Hannity did not ask guest Roy Moore whether allegedly having dated 17 and 18 year olds (when he was 32) should disqualify him from being a senator, dating which Moore did not deny, but he did agree that sexually molesting a 14 year old would disqualify him, that charge which he fully denied, claiming that he never met the girl nor her mother who ostensibly let Moore watch the girl while mom went into the courthouse. Moore did sound a little tongue-tied at a few points in the conversation, but not badly, perhaps out of embarrassment or maybe indeed because he’s trying to cover his tracks, so he certainly should do more interviews to clear the air if it should be. Roy Moore said that facts will be coming out proving that the Democrats and possibly some purple-tie Republicans are behind the false accusations, so that would certainly help his cause.