Ancient Chinese Pictographs Tell the Book of Genesis Stories Including Garden of Eden Themes & Noah’s Flood Truths


If you will google search Chinese Pictographs Tell Genesis Stories, you’ll find all the evidence you need that the ancient Chinese were indeed progeny of the eight people on Noah’s Ark, evidenced by such as the pictograph for boat, which is a combination of the pictographs for container, eight, and people, also the pictograph for flood, a combination of the pictographs for water, total, earth, eight, and together. That writing system was begun over two thousand years before Christianity arrived, ruling-out that the pictographs were conceptualized after the Old Testament scriptures became known. Perhaps the most amazing pictograph of all of them is the symbol for righteous, the pictograph for I under the pictograph for lamb, the sacrifice of the lamb to cover Adam and Eve in their nakedness because of sin.