Submerged Yonaguni Monument Near Okinawa Looks Like Sumerian Ziggurat Canaanites Sailed Down Shatt al Arab


When you look at the photos of the submerged stone complex off Yonaguni island (Japan) which was hewn into that stone mountainside during the Ice Age, the resemblance to the Sumerian ziggurats is undeniable, and at the National Museum at Okinawa are tablets with an ancient script from that time, 30% of which look like the Sumerian script, so apparently some Canaanites, the great seafarers, brought Sumerian architecture and writing down the ice age Shatt al Arab river (now the Persian Gulf) to the Indian ocean then on to the Ryukyu islands, which were mountains of what may have been a complete land-bridge between the mainland and southern Japan. The ancient language which became dominant there of the Jomon (namesake of Japan?) though was Turkic (Turqi a son of Togarmah), like of the Buryat people of southeastern Siberia, of the progeny of Gomer (like the Miautso) by Ugar (Uighers) or Togar (Tocharians), Togarmah in Genesis 10, some of his migrated by land from western Asia.