Sedimentary Record Shows Mostly Marine Creatures Topped by Animals Mangled & Retaining Organic Material


Catastrophism is reflected throughout the sedimentary geologic record, not what the uniformitarianism of darwinism would predict, from high energy sedimentary deposits (of large mineral grains to gravel even boulders), to animals entombed in contorted positions even torn apart in high energy deposition regimes, not what the uniformitarians would predict by a gradual transgression then regression of the ocean, dozens of times though hundreds of millions of years. The capper is that soft organic tissue such as collagen is found in dinosaur bones, and their carbon 14 dates would show thousands of years not millions if tested, so ask your favorite paleontologist to carbon 14 date some organic dino material, but don’t hold your breath, for the uniformitarians say there should be no measurable carbon 14 in those remains supposedly tens of millions of years old. (See Page titled Natural Selection by Noah’s Flood.)