Judaic Seder Olam Rabbah Compresses Inter Testament History to Throw Off Prophesied Time of Jesus Incarnated


Jews during the inter-testament period (the time between the Old and New Testament) had learned approximately when “the anointed one” (the Messiah) would be “cut off” (killed), because according to Daniel 9, it would be 483 years after the command to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem around 450 b. c., yet the Judaic ancient history the Seder Olam Rabbah written circa 300 a. d. compresses the time during the inter-testament period by over 200 years, inexplicable but that the prophesy for the time of Jesus’s incarnation needed to be somehow falsified to fool the Jews, thus the jewish year 5,777 years rather than about the year 6,015 (Adam and Eve fell maybe twenty years after the six days of creation.)