Heinrich Himmler’s Bible the Book Oera Linda Supposedly Aryan Atlanteans But Mistaken Lineages After Noah’s Flood


Sicko Heinrich Himmler thought the origin of humanity in the ancient Frisian book Oera Linda was valid, white people superior to the black (of Lyda) and the yellow (of Finda), the white people of Frya who came inland when Atland (now in the North Sea) flooded, the ancestors of the Nazis thought Himmler. Yet he also believed Noah’s Ark landed upon the Himalayas, even having sent an expedition to try to find the origin of the indo european (japhetic) Aryan people there, which of course should have led him to realize that Semites and Japhethites are both white (not oriental or black), the Semites whom crazy Himmler removed completely from the equation!