Newt Gingrich Challenges Steve Bannon to Debate on Hannity’s Show Sean Says He’ll Call Breitbart Man Right Away


On Hannity’s show tonight, guest Newt Gingrich was wild-eyed-freaked-out that Steve Bannon intends to back primary challengers against all the Republican senators up for reelection in 2018 except Ted Cruz, and challenged Bannon to debate him about it on Hannity’s show. Bannon would have much to lose and little to gain by tangling with the crafty Newt, who is schilling for the purple-tie establishment types while trying to seem more Tea Party than he actually is, a RINO trying to stay relevant by pushing his own quasi-conservative envelope to the max. Bannon would have to destroy Newt if they met in debate, so Bannon will probably decline, rightfully saying perhaps that it would be punching down.