Wiki Says Empire of Phoenicia Spread Westward to Eastern Atlantic Beginning circa 1500 B. C. But Who Sailed Before?


Indeed there was a noteworthy spread westward by the seafaring “Phoenicians” (named for Phoenix a son of Cadmus) across the Mediterranean to Spain and beyond beginning circa 1500 b. c., but Wikipedia says that was the first of the Canaanites’ voyages far to the west, so who were the navigators in the far west before the “Phoenicians” began to show up during the time that the Pelasgians and Sidonians dominated the eastern Mediterranean? Sidon was a son of Canaan (and Peleg a great great grandson of Shem), also known as Posidon, cofounder of the city of Atlantis with his son Atlas, now submerged perhaps about thirty miles south of Cadiz, submerged since circa 1500 b. c. when the Ice Age ended.