Memorial Cities of Atlantis Actually Contemporaneous Ring Canal Structures at Jaen & Los Millares Spain Bronze Age


Proving that neither Plato nor the egyptian priests at Sais just made up the story about the city of Atlantis and its empire are the “memorial cities” of Atlantis at Jaen and Los Millares in southern Spain, miniature versions of the expansive City of Posidon actually of the same vintage, built circa 2000 b. c. during the Ice Age, so those contemporaneous inland cities were abandoned when the Ice Age ended, probably because the artesian waterworks which fed the canals of the miniature versions of Atlantis dried up while the sea was rising to consume the big city, its ruins on the seafloor perhaps about thirty miles south of Cadiz. Richard Freund’s find of a circular canal structure in the marshes of Donana Park at the ocean shoreline near Cadiz could be what’s left of one of these cities, it having nearly survived the sea level’s rise when the Ice Age ended.