Computer Graphic Simulation for Origin of Geometry Great Teaching Tool Astronomy & Cartography as Above so Below


The New Ager astrology types like to say “as above so below,” that the positions of the stars dictate how people think and behave, which obviously is hokum, yet the positions of the stars (along the horizon), changing from year to year because of the earth’s slow axial precession, clockwise, at the rate of 72 years/degree, was the basis for ancient geometry, meaning earth measure, so a computer simulation is needed of this, the earth’s axis like the hand of a clock within a hexagon the key. Read about this in great detail at Genesis Veracity Foundation (dot com) under the category Earth Measure Geometry, as well here at right under Great Pyramid for Navigation, as we hope that some genius computer graphics people will come up with a good rendering which would sell like hotcakes!