Plato Actually Said That Atlantis Flooded at Time of Exodus & Empire Extended to Within Five Hundred Miles of Greece


The Tyrrhenian sea which Plato wrote was at the eastern edge of the Atlantean empire is five hundred miles west of Greece, so that location certainly no fiction in his mind, and he wrote that kings commonly acknowledged to have lived in the 1400 b. c. timeframe lived when Atlantis (and much of Greece) was consumed by the sea, one of those kings, Erichthonios, whose father was Dardanus, the flooding of the Black Sea by the world ocean known as the Flood of Dardanus, the end of the Ice Age. Those egyptians priests told Solon that Atlantis (and much of Greece) were consumed by the sea 9,000 years before their time circa 600 b. c., so either those “years” were lunar cycles or thousand a mistranslation of a hundred.