Karen Tribe of Malay Peninsula Legend of Tha-an & Ee-u Fooled by Mu-kaw-lee in Defiance of Benevolent Creator Y’wa


On the west side of the Malay peninsula is the Karen tribe with an ancient legend that Y’wa created the first man Tha-an and his wife Ee-u who though were fooled by Mu-kaw-lee to eat of the forbidden fruit tree, which then brought disease and death into the world, so when evangelists came there speaking of Yahweh, Adam, and Eve, that Jesus Christ died then resurrected to do away with Mu-kaw-lee’s (Satan’s) destruction became apparent to the Karen, who did have a global flood legend too, two brothers having grabbed onto a mango tree which descended from heaven while all the earth was flooded, which while revealing an awareness of the global flood (Noah’s) certainly is not proof that the two stories have been adapted from biblical recitations.