Blood Sacrifice is Strange Concept Begun When Elohim Slew a Creature to Cover Adam & Eve Ever Since Often Corrupted


Elohim grieves ‘though not surprised that people still sacrifice creatures (sometimes human) to appease whatever supposed power they are pursuing, that practice begun actually by Elohim when he killed a creature for its skin to cover Adam and Eve after they became ashamed for their violation of conscience, the shed blood of creatures thenceforth according to many ancient customs required to appease, for instance the ancient Hebrews who killed bullocks or lambs presaging the coming of the Lamb of Elohim to take away the sins of the world (the sins of all those who will embrace Him), so now the sacrifice of creatures, after the death then resurrection of the Messiah Jesus Christ, have been and will be for naught, in usually willful ignorance of the Lamb who will return as the Lion of Judah.