Progeny of Kush Sailed Down Ice Age Shatt al Arab River Where Now is Persian Gulf to Indus Valley to Build Kushasthali


During the Ice Age, where now is the Persian Gulf was a long river, the Shatt al Arab, a land of marshes and slow moving streams, and on the shallow seafloor of the Persian are dozens of sites of ruins of buildings by Kushites who had moved down the river from the city state Kish and Khuzestan (named for Ham’s son Kush) after the confusion of language at the Tower of Babel, to build for instance where today remains the island of Kish (almost to the Strait of Hormuz), on their way to the mouths of the ice age Sarasvati and Indus rivers, submerged ruins proving this of Kushasthali, on the shallow seafloor of the gulf of Kutch since circa 1500 b. c. when the Ice Age ended.