Iran’s Tabali of Tubal & Medes of Madai Inhabited Ice Age Southern Caspian Rim Alborz Mountains Eastward Aram’s Land


The Tabali tribe of the southern rim of the Caspian Sea were progeny of Tubal, a son of Japheth, having brought the word gurgan for wolf to both Georgia (land of wolves) and to the Gorgan (wolf) river which flows into the extreme southeastern section of the Caspian Sea. The Medes of Madai, another son of Japheth, inhabited the same region, particularly in the Sephid Rud valley, in the Alborz mountains there named Golestan for Aram’s son Hul (a grandson of Shem), whose brothers inhabited further east at Anau/Gathar (for Gather), Mashhabad (for Mash), and Uzbekistan (for Uz).