Table of Nations Names All Over Ice Age Turkey for Japheth’s Great Grandson Turqi Progeny of Shem & Ham Too


Progeny of Japheth (see Genesis 10) moved west and north after the Tower of Babel (during the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood), some to Anatolia such as Gomer’s son Togarmah (kingdom of Tegarama), his son Turqi (from medieval records) the namesake of Turkey, Japheth’s son Meshech (known as the Mushki of central Turkey), Tarsus a grandson of Japheth by Javan (Ionians)m and the Thracians of the Hellespont named for Tiras, another son of Japheth. Hamites were represented by the Hittites of the kingdom of Hatti, Heth having been a son of Canaan, and of Shem was Lud of the Lydians, also Pelasgians (of Peleg) of Turkey’s ice age western coast, many submerged ruins found there.