Amazons Named for Moon Goddess Maza Same as Tanit or Neith Consort of Baal Hammon or Ham Khem Geb of Egypt


In ancient Berber legend (northwestern Africa), the Berbers descended from Canaan’s son Sidon (Posidon), and the sky god Baal Hammon was the consort of the goddess Tanit, who was known to the Greeks as Athena and to the Egyptians as Neit (and Nut?), this Tanit associated with the moon being Maza for which were named the Amazons. The deified Baal Hammon was Noah’s son Ham, known as Geb or Khem in Egypt, which was named for him, Ai-gebtos, also known as Misr, one of the sons of Ham. and later during the iron age in Egypt, Amun became the major deity.