Phoenicians’ Hidden Place Ezpanna the Guadalquivir River Valley Atlantean Plain in Shadow of Mineral Rich Sierra Morena


By far the richest mining district in the ancient world was the Sierra Morena range of southwestern Spain, at the southern flank of the range the Atlantean plain, 300 miles x 200 miles, the valley of the Guadalquivir river known as Ezpanna to the Phoenicians, after the Ice Age, when Ezpanna (Spain) meaning hidden place was the valuable real estate which the Phoenicians from circa 1400 .b. c. to circa 500 b. c. dominated having spread the notion that it was unreachable because the demise of Atlantis supposedly had caused the Strait of Gibraltar to be blocked. The name Phoenician is from Phoenix, a son of Agenor, who lived when the Ice Age was ending, so before the “Phoenicians,” the rich mining district of Atlantis had been run by their kin, progeny of Posidon who was Sidon, a son of Canaan.