Christian Parents Don’t Crimp Your Kids’ Learning Experience Show Them Logical Reasons to Believe Genesis as Written


If your young christian student is showing great interest in the Word of Elohim, particularly in the foundational book of Genesis, but goes to school to hear little about the Bible and then only that it’s quaint mythology, to withhold information from her/him such as at The Right Sway and the Genesis Veracity Foundation is playing into the Devil’s hands, after all, if the book of Genesis doesn’t mean what it says, then why believe the rest of the Word, and didn’t Jesus Himself speak about the literal Noah’s Flood which destroyed all of humanity except the eight? If you do not allow your young one, who is seeking to learn more about Genesis, access to the vast array of evidences for it (by not referring the material), then aren’t you denying that child intellectual freedom and confidence in his/her critical thinking skills, just a robot for darwinism?